guys if you go swimming with friends and you don’t feel comfortable enough to take your shirt of, just do it because otherwise they’ll be like “why don’t you take your shirt of” “take your shirt of” aND THAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS WEEK AND MY FRIENDS INCLUDING CRUSH STARING AT ME TAKING OF MY SHIRT AND SHOWING MY STOMACH REALLY WASN’T COMFORTABLE AT ALL

Moral of the story, don’t wait till they tell you to do it. Avoid that awkwardness.

idkkmaan asked:
I want to start doing cardio, but my parents won't allow me to go out on my own nor do we have a treadmill. Do you think running/jogging in place is just as effective? Or at least not entirely useless? Thank you!

Ask a friend who will run with you? Or perhaps one of your parents? Running in place is effective, however the usual running is more effective I think. But cardio isn’t only running, there are loads of cardio video’s on like dances and stuff. Not like professional dances but just silly and effective ones.

Yay my legs. Unlike the rest of the human population, they are my favorite part of my body. Built with cycling to school 12 kilometers every day, running 3/4 times a week and squatting.

”Hi, I’m here to tell you that you have to go swimming,

No one gives even one fuck whether you weigh 3 kilograms more or less.

A human suffers the most by what he fears.

So just go swimming with your friends,

I’m serious

Put on your nicest bikini and fuck everyone”

This is what my best guyfriend told me when I asked him to help me say no to swimming with a group of friends.
Helped me a lot so I thought I’d share it with you guys (:

mrscappuccino asked:
I am 1.70cm and 108 Ibs i want to be 100Ibs but i can't stop eating do you have any advice for me ?

1.70 m and 100 lbs is not healthy at all.. however you could try healthy foods like apples or avocados or grapes. Or drink more water, chances are you’re just thirsty instead of hungry